Special group continues wild ride

What a night this was for us. Once again, the game felt no different for us while it was going on. This group has been able to focus and commit themselves to the task at hand and not get caught up in anything else. It wasn’t like we were saying, "Hey, we’re up 2-0 we’ve got to win the third." It didn’t matter. We were just focused on any one inning. That’s how we’ve been all year.Clark200

I know that I’ve said this before, but watching these young guys take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that have been presented to them, and how at the end of the day they come out as better men and better ballplayers, is exciting for me to watch and be a part of.

Livo put a lot of runners on base tonight, and when Livo puts those runners on base, on the outside you don’t show any nerves, but on the inside you’re, shall we say, a little excited. But with Livo, you appreciate the fact that you’re only one pitch away in a situation like that from getting out of it. And when that happens, the momentum shifts very quickly, and you saw that in the fifth inning tonight.

After winning this series, it’s probably going to be hard for us to continue to fly under the radar. But I’ve got to believe that we were the underdog for the last 162 and then these last three, so no matter what anybody says, this group is committed to what the job is that night, to what our individual responsibilities are so that we can come together and figure out a way to shake hands at the end of the day.

Clark275 I’m looking forward to getting home with our home fans and whoever else we might see this week. I wish now that I’d be headed back to high five and wrestle around the room the rest of the night with the kids, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. I know they’re watching and I’ll make sure that when I get back I point out what I’ve written here, so that they know that I’ve been thinking about them. I just have enjoyed the ride so far and the journey and looking forward to some more good things the rest of the week.

As the last out was made in the game, I couldn’t help thinking about how special this whole group is. And I really mean that. It doesn’t matter how we’re going to end up, how far we go, this group is very special to me. This is exciting. This doesn’t happen every day.

At the end of their careers I think all these guys will look back on the 2007 D-backs as a special group of guys, regardless of how we end up this year. Because it certainly is special.


  1. janek@email.arizona.edu

    Hi Tony!

    This is Jane, MJ Kim’s (from Arrowhead Flowers) daughter.

    Congratulations on yet another win! You guys are great and I admire your stress on the importance of your family and balancing out your busy schedule with spending time with your family. We’re always behind you 110%!

  2. blaxabbath@gmail.com

    Once again, congrats.

    You know, being a Dbacks fan isn’t as trendy as wearing a Cubs cap — but I feel like us fans are privledged to be in a more intimate group. And having a team that plays as hard as you guys makes it easy to be proud to be a Diamonbacks fan. Thanks for giving us all a good feeling deep-down inside.

  3. danimal@azdiamondbacks.com

    the magic season continues! You guys just keep winning. Keep it up, we’ll see you in the NLCS.


  4. cuz29@cox.net


    Thanks to you and the whole team for continuing this terrific ride! I’ll be there Thursday (and every day we’re home) doing my best to get Chase Field even LOUDER and more ROCKING than that other park in Colorado. I want 50,000+ Sedona Red clad DBacks fans to join me in that effort for every game the rest of the way!

    All the best! GO DBACKS!!!

  5. marashilling@hotmail.com

    I repeat that NL west this year is the best of best!!!
    I hope it will be an advantage to meet in NLCS Colorado instead of San Diego …and i definitively think it will if only we manage not to give to many hits to their ace Todd Helton!

    Yesterday was beatiful to follow in the Saturday night here in Italy Napoli…and what i appreciated most was the interview after the game especially what SWEET LIVO said of the team as a second family….Let’s continue men and hope for the best of the best!!! Bye from your fan FAR FAR AWAY!!!

  6. bergandy1@gmail.com

    I?m a long-distance DBacks (and TC) fan and am so happy for the team and their victory over the Cubs. Congratulations!

    It is funny, but I find myself ? as a simple fan ? following the leadership of this team and doing what I can to keep my own emotions in check, watching and supporting each game one at a time, one inning at a time, one pitch at a time. The leaders on the team are not only keeping the players focused on the task at hand, but they?re helping this fan as well!

    So much of the news surrounding the team seems to be about the age of its players. I have one thing to say about that: This team may be young, but it has the soul of an old man.



  7. davanmani@hotmail.com


    Congrats to you and team. I look at your team and it reminds of the one you played in Detroit concerning the lineup, talent, and atmosphere. What is the difference between this team and the ones you played in Detroit?

    Davan from Atlanta

    Davan from Atlanta, GA

  8. davis@npgcable.com

    Hey Tony,

    I’m just a grandmother with a real love for this game – had it all my life. This particular team is a perfect example why. We don’t have an A-Rod or Fielder or even a Soriano and it’s a good thing. It would have thrown everything out of balance. Having a guy considered a “big gun” may have eroded the team’s spirit.

    This is a team, not one player.

    I think another part of the reason these kids have done so well is the team leadership provided by you, Byrnsey and ODog. You have shown maturity far beyond your years and have quite a calming, uplifting affect on everyone. This has taken the raw talent of these rookies and made a team with the force of a freight train. Every player on the team hustles. That, by itself, had won us some games.

    This is the way this game is supposed to be played.

    The Western Division has been overlooked and disrespected. It was even suggested on one of the message boards that “educated people” prefer the Yanks, BoSox and Cubs to the DBacks and Rockies. (Whatever in the world that was supposed to mean.) The national media seems to be focused on the Cubs loss and not the DBack win.

    We have what it takes to be the World Champion and we’ll prove it.



  9. azpat@mchsi.com

    Hi Tony,

    I’m just a 70-yr old woman who acts like a kid when I’m yelling for the DBacks. You guys play the game the way it is supposed to be played–with passion, respect and a true love of the game. You all truly are brothers who care so much about each other and it shows. I actually get tears in my eyes watching how you interact with each other. You are definitely the big brother–the one they ALL look up to for guidance and assurance. I have watched the DBacks since day one back in 1998 and this team is by far THE BEST in every way. No matter what happens now, the 2007 DBacks have given their fans so much pride and what a ride–WOW!!

    GO DBACKS — ANYBODY, ANYTIME (that can also mean any team, any where, anytime–bring them on!!).

    Love ya all,

    Pat in Apache Junction

  10. loboblue1@hotmail.com


    Thanks for a tremendous year and for the mentoring you have provided. Special people touch others, and you have certainly been a force in shaping the youngsters on the team this year. That is more special than any home run or key play you may make. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to the team. Bless you and your family. Keep enjoying the ride!

  11. sga72@cox.net

    People are finally starting to realize what I’ve been feeling about this team all season: you guys are something special!! Congratulations on your victory over the Cubs. Keep up that focus and determination for those Rockies, because they’re going to be a much harder team to beat than those old overpaid guys from the midwest. Remember Sept. 28!! I love what you and the rest of the D-Backs stand for, and I love how you all put your hearts and souls into this season. Here’s to World Series 2007!!!!!

  12. warmat5@cox.net

    Congrats Tony, Awesome job so far. Love to see you beat the cubs. Now we need to take care of the rockies. I know we will.

  13. sicher@ix.netcom.com


    I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 70s and your clubhouse leadership and the way the Baby Backs look up to you reminds me a lot of that great Pirate Willie Stargell. Of course back then, the “Lumber Company” Bucs often had 6 or 7 or even 8 guys hitting over .300 and the D-backs don’t have anyone hitting .300…but all that proves is that there is more than one way for a ball club to achieve success.

    There are many paths up that mountain, and I sure have enjoyed watching Arizona climb the path they’ve chosen. Regardless of what the next few weeks bring, you guys have had one helluva special season, and you all should take great pride and satisfaction in what this squad has been able to accomplish.

    The future of this young team looks very bright, in no small part due to your off-the-field presence and mature leadership. Good luck and have fun against Colorado. Keep the young kids loose and they’ll do fine.

    PS Remind Reynolds not to overswing…that young Arizona gun is some kinda strong, boy!


  14. bardley1@cox.net


    The most important thing to me in life and being a fan is good people and hard play. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a team play so hard and act like humans. No show boating, no bragging, just good hard baseball. You say this team is special, and I couldn’t agree more. In all the sports that I’ve watched, this team is what defines the word team. Thanks for leading the way and being such an influence on sportsmanship and teamwork. I’ll be watching just as I have all year, best of luck in a great matchup.

  15. lckyldy13@cox.net

    Once again you prove what a class act you are. You are a big part of the glue that holds this team together. I plan on turning the seating area around the visitor bullpen into the Chase Field Snakepit for the NLCS. We’re bringing our snake rattles to try to rattle the Rockies. Keep up the good work on the field. We’ll keep up our part in the stands.

  16. havasubaseball@yahoo.com

    Plain @simple, tony you are a class act, and not a bad ballplyer either, lol. good luck next year. and hope to one day see you manageing on the bench.

  17. alejo_g100@yahoo.com

    Great Season! Who in the baseball world had the D-Backs going to the NLCS? No one! Thats what makes this season so special, raw talent, with a sprinkle of veterans, and we could be talking World Series!

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