Tip your hat

This was a tough night for us. We had some opportunities, but they did a good job of keeping them at just that — opportunities.

It started off well for us. We felt pretty good when Byrnsie was able to get us on the board in the first, but you tip your hat to Jeff Francis and his ability to keep things status quo. And while he did that, they added on.

It’s one of those things where you didn’t see too many balls hit hard off Webby, but they were able to get some key hits with runners in scoring position to open it up a little bit.

They scored three runs, though, in the third to take a 4-1 lead, and as the game went along, we didn’t throw in the towel and instead tried to continue to work to try to give ourselves an opportunity to cash in. We did that, but unfortunately we just weren’t able to cash in.

We really had a chance there in the seventh and I don’t know if there was anyone we’d rather have at the plate than Stephen Drew in that situation right now with the way he’s been swinging the bat. Man, he wasn’t much off with that swing from tying up this game.

So, you tip your hat to them tonight and we’re confident having Doug Davis taking the mound tomorrow night.


  1. karenharrison71@yahoo.com

    I am still proud to be an AZ fan. The team will come out tonight and forget about last night and play hard. Good luck tonight!!!

  2. sharty2@cox.net

    Tony, thank you for posting this blog. It was a tough game to watch last night, but I know this team bounces back quickly. It’s great ride and I can’t wait to see where the road leads next. Go get ’em tonight!


    Peoria, AZ

  3. martinezd03@cox.net

    I am still a believer “Anytime, AnyOne, AnyWhere”. DBacks are resiliant and will learn from last nights loss and will come into tonights game, play hard, and win.

    As far as DBack Fans go, we are very loyal and classy. (Despite a few Bad Apples)

    Good Luck Tonight!

    Loyal and Classy DBack Fan


    Glendale, AZ

  4. danimal@azdiamondbacks.com

    &nbsp Hi Tony,
    I agree, tip your hat to the Rox, they played a good game. Brandon has had a tough time with them this year, and last night was another outing that was unlucky for him. He really pitched a good game, but a few balls came off Colorado’s bats and found grass. Webb pitches a ground ball game, so on nights when the hits squirt through gaps he’s going to have his work cut out for him.

    &nbsp Good luck tonight. I haven’t seen the lineup yet, but I hope to see you get some playing time. You’re a class player on a class team, and 99% of Arizona’s fans are classy, as well.

    &nbsp Go Snakes!


    &nbsp &nbsp Dan


  5. ladonnagreco@cox.net

    Hey Tony!

    You guys hang in there! It’s a brand new day and another chance to get back on track. This team has done a marvelous job of bouncing back all year, and I’m proud of you.

    All of you are class acts, and that gives me the only reason I need to be a proud (and classy!) fan for life — not to mention all the great things that have happened this year. I hope to see you play again this series. Get well soon!



  6. gwpatch@gmail.com

    Dear Tony,
    Thanks for your great blog. When I was a kid, growing up in Phoenix in the 1950’s I played for the Arizona Cactus Wrens. Aside from the Wrens the only baseball I saw was the “Game of the Week” on Saturday on a B/W TV with Dizzy Gillespie and Pee Wee Reese calling the game or Spring Training out in Mesa or Casa Grande where the Giants, and a few others held their camps. Once I made my mother wait an hour after a game to get Willy May’s autograph as he left the rickety old green painted ballpark. He signed my program and I felt like “yeah, he’s real and he spoke to me” and I was somebody. Somebody Willy Mays smiled at and spoke to. Phoenix was a small city then and we yearned for a Big League Team. We could only dream that the likes of you and the other great players on your team would be our team. Thanks for a wonderful season. Our dreams have cme true.

    Go kick some Roxbut!


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