We can still do this

In 2004, I was with the Yankees when the Red Sox came back and won four straight against us in the ALCS. I was two outs from realizing my dream of going to the World Series and I never got there.

It wasn’t really until the last inning of Game 7 that I thought we may not make it and it wasn’t until that point. I mean, there was no way. We were two outs away in Game 5; we were up with one out in the eighth the next night. So there’s crazy circumstances, there’s crazy ways the ball bounces. So having gone through it and realizing the emotion that was tied into it and how close we had come has helped me keep this in perspective.

I was with the Red Sox in 2002, so I knew a lot of guys on that ’04 Red Sox team, so I know what they did. They simply came to the ballpark and played. They didn’t listen to the TV or the radio or anything else with regard to the odds they were up against. They knew that if they came to the ballpark that day and took a chance and just played, you never know what might happen.

I mean, we beat the Red Sox 19-8 in Game 3 of that series. Think about that, 19-8. They had every reason to throw in the towel, but the Red Sox didn’t throw in the towel. And I don’t expect our ballclub to, either. We have been resilient all year long. We’ve bucked the trend all year long. We’ve battled all year long. And I don’t expect that to change come tomorrow.

Now if I notice that we get caught up in the TV and the radio and what the percentages are, then, yeah, it’s going to be a tough task. But if we commit ourselves to playing one game, just one game … let it all hang out one game and see what happens. I’ve seen the ball bounce too many funny ways over the course of my career.

So I’m still remarkably hopeful that if we keep our perspective and our focus, we’ve got a chance to get back in this thing. But we’ve got to do it starting tomorrow, one game at a time.


  1. chriscardinal@gmail.com

    These are the sort of games I would totally expect throughout the seven game series. I just wouldn’t have expected all three to come through at once.

    So instead of a back-and-forth-to-seven-games, let’s watch us hit 7 the hard way.

    You guys are hitting. You’re making the plays. This “karma” stuff doesn’t work and D’backs fans know all about “destiny”.

    You haven’t collapsed or fallen apart. We just need to start converting. Timely hits, what we’ve been perfect at all year. Oh, and no more double play innings x3 to start the games!

    Owings will give ’em **** tomorrow. You guys just need to knock the runs *in*!

    “Don’t let us win Game 4.” ? Kevin Millar before Game 4 for the Sox in 2004. 🙂

  2. danimal@azdiamondbacks.com

    &nbsp Tony,
    best of luck to you and the guys. Play the best game you can play, and let’s see that four-game comeback. This is a team that is capable of ripping off a four game winn streak. Let’s do it.

    &nbsp &nbsp Dan

  3. ladonnagreco@cox.net

    Hang in there!

    You’re right, Tony…the ’04 Red Sox proved that the impossible can be accomplished. After all, you lived it, and I watched it happen as well. It was nothing short of amazing! Just further proof that miracles do happen…

    Just keep your heads screwed on straight and play your game the way you know how. Oh…and beat ’em senseless for me, will ya?!



  4. gcwilliams@frontiernet.net


    You have been an inspiration and a motivator for all of our young players, and it’s been a thrill to watch you!

    With your confident leadership and contribution, we CAN win the next four games.

    With great respect,


  5. sanderson0664@msn.com


    Yes, Boston did come back, but they still had two games at home before heading back to NY. You still have to win two in Colorado before even making it back home. You guys have been a great story and its going to be fun watching the D-Backs and the Rockies in the years to come. I’m sure you guys will give it everything you’ve got tonight…I just don’t see it happening.

  6. vk7777@gmail.com

    Hang in there and take it one game at a time!!!! Your “Anybody Anytime” phrase has given you and your teammates joy to each and every D-Backs fan. Best Wishes, VK

  7. karenharrison71@yahoo.com

    The key is never give up, no matter what. That is why you guys are in the post season is the team don’t give up. I am still cheering you guys on and I will always be an DBacks fan.

    Karen in Tucson

  8. natie_@hotmail.com

    The key is to switch uniforms. If you can just get the Rockies to play as the Diamondbacks then 4 in a row should be easy. In the absence of confusing the Rockies into believing they all got traded to the D’backs you are done. Toast. Cooked. Bring on the Sox.

    Dinger in Denver

  9. Kellia


    You don’t have anybody like David Ortiz on the team, but yes, it has been done.

    You need Micah Owings to piitch like he did at the end of the Pittsburgh series and to hit like he did in Atlanta.

    If he does that, anything is possible.

    So good luck!


  10. andrewchasnoff@yahoo.com

    Spoken like a true professional!! This has been an amazing series to watch because these two clubs hustle on every infield grounder and attempt every defensive play possible. I’ve seen some amazing double plays in this series…also, I agree with Tony that anything can happen. Remember in the 2004 World Series w/Boston up 3 games to 0….how many of you thought the curse could actually be lifted. However, I am still rooting for the Rockies on their amazing run, but Tony Clark has proven to be true class, not to mention managerial material. (Go Braves 2008!)

  11. techgnosi@gmail.com

    Either way the ball falls, thanks for a fantastic season. Its been nice watching playoff ball with the D-backs again after the last three years. Either way, I’m proud to call myself a D-backs fan after this season.

    And besides, things don’t work out the team’ll just be better next year. Lot easier to get to the LCS again than it is to get the Series. Have a feeling this won’t be the only trip over the next couple of years.

  12. flyinlions@yahoo.com


    This team has showed me so much this year that it wont surprise me by you guys winning 4 in a row! I really feel once you guys can get 1 victory it will push all of the pressure back onto Colorado. You guys have no pressure on yourselves and they have that streak of wins to deal with. PTI just said that you guys have no chance but I know you do! All of my other friends stopped wearing their DBACKS jerseys and hats but I am still supporting! Win or lose tonight I will continue to wear my gear throughout the post season to show my support for this team that wasn’t suppose to go anywhere but the bottom of the division! Keep up the good work and fight hard! I really hope we can get you to the world series this season! Show the rockies what DBACK baseball is all about!

    Jon in So. Cal

  13. dnavarrette@cox.net


    Today “we” will start our 4 game winning streak. I have all the faith in you guys. Just do the things you did to get here. Get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em home.

    Good luck…GO DBACKS!!!

  14. gordonag@colorado.edu

    Can any of you rattlesnakes say SWEEP! When you lose tonight please throw any water or beer bottles you have at the TV and pretend like you are at Chase Field. Rockies have a **** good ball club PERIOD. Give them the credit they deserve (E.B.) and lose with dignity. It’s a cry in your beer bight for AZ.

  15. flochan66@yahoo.com


  16. karenharrison71@yahoo.com

    I see that there is some unencouring comments on here today. Do not listen to them. All year you guys have won the must win games and the next 4 games are must win games. Yes the Rockies have done a great job this post season, but the Dbacks have done a great job also this post season, and it is not over yet. So keep your head up and play like this is a must win game.

  17. janisnelson@hawaii.rr.com

    Tony and all the Dbacks

    What ever happens today doesn’t matter. You guys are STILL a better team than the Rockies which you have proven all season. You were in first place when everyone else fell apart and stayed there. You are a class act and a team to reckoned with in the future.

    Play your best and don’t regret ANYTHING!!

  18. baseballsruiz@hotmail.com

    This year has been a success win or lose..of couse we as fans would love for the D-backs to go all the way come back like the BoSox did against the Yanks,so I havn’t gave up on the D-Backs.But i think the team needs to play some small ball bunt the runners over get timely hits do the small things to win..No matter what we will be here for years to come as fans or as the players..So as Bun-B would say and Chris young knows this….keep on pushin..Anybody Anytime..One game at a time..SergioAntonio Ruiz

  19. goodlin27@msn.com

    Not trying to knock the Diamonbacks, but you guys are done. There is no way you will come back. All the talk about the 04 Boston team is not going to work. Don’t forget, that no team has ever came back after losing the first two games at home. The D-Backs play better than their roster. They are like the 03 Marlins, but are in no position of going to the World Series. I will bet a million dollars they will not win. They were outplayed in Game 1, couldn’t do squat in Game 2 and just looked lethargic in Game 3.

  20. goodlin27@msn.com

    D-Backs are toast. I’m not even a Rockies fan. I like the Giants. D-Backs had a good year and played above their expectations. There are too many good teams in the NL West. D-Backs will miss out on the playoffs next year. It’s not that often a team without a superstar will return to the playoffs two years in a row. You need a team to win once you make the playoffs, but a superstar to lead you there. Livan Hernandez choked just like when he ruined the Giants chances of a ring. Couldn’t care less about him. Everyone keeps bringing up the 04 Sox. Stop dreaming because that only happened once in sport’s history. History doesn’t repeat itself that often. You guys had a great season and defied the critics, but it’s over. If not tonight, the next game will be your last. Winning 4 straight games in the playoffs is rare. Winning four straight in a series is scarce. When Boston won one game at a time, I could see the fire in their eyes. They had superstars, Ortiz, Ramirez, Damon and awesome pitching. These D-Backs players keep talking and having done anything to change things. It’s easy to talk, but you have to translate those words into wins. You guys just don’t have it. You don’t want it bad enough.

  21. goodlin27@msn.com

    When D-Backs were down 3-2 in the 01 World Series, they had homefield advantage and won all of their games at home. They didn’t have to come back from 0-3 on the road. If the D-Backs want to win this series, they have to take game 4 & 5 on the road, and take Game 6 & 7 at home. I don’t see it happening. Boston had the luxury of being at home to win their first game. D-Backs are only in the hottest team’s backyard. A team that has won 20 of their last 21 games. The Rockies have defied all the odds. Needing the Padres to lose their last two games and they had to win out to just make it to a one game playoff. In that game, they went 2 runs behind and faced the one of the best closers in the game. If they came come out winners in those scarce moments, they can close down a D-Backs team that just keeps talking and hasn’t shown the ability to control this series. Clark is bitter of not making it to the World Series when he could taste it. Yankees have never recovered from that meltdown. D-Backs passed up on their opportunity to change the series when they messed up in the 9th of Game 2. Bad base running put them in a hole that not even the best team of all time could come out of. Babe Ruth, Bonds, Mays and no other can help the D-Backs. Rockies will go to the World Series. I’m not sure who will win the title, but it will be good.

  22. goodlin27@msn.com

    Not even the 04 Sox can come out of this. Sox were at home when they managed to squeeze out a win. They also had another day at home to get another impossible win. Sorry D-Backs. Game 2 will haunt you for Halloween.

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