Back to Arizona

It was strange out there today during the game. The fans were cheering every time they updated the Padres-Brewers score, and at times, it was out of place with what was going on in the game, so it would catch you off guard. The Rockies are a hot team and we’re thankful to get out of here with the one win we needed.

Now we fly home tonight and I’m looking forward to seeing my family. We’ve been on the road for a week now and it’s always special when I get to go home.

Tomorrow we have an off day and I plan to spend the entire day with my family. Any time you have an off day at home, especially at the end of a long regular season before the playoffs begin, and you get to spend it with your family, it’s tremendous. My daughter has a soccer game and my son a soccer practice that I don’t usually get to see, so I’m really looking forward to that. It will be good to clear out the cobwebs, take a break after 162 games and then get ready for what’s next. I won’t start thinking about the Cubs until Tuesday.

That’s when we’ve got a workout in the afternoon at the ballpark, and that’s when I’ll start to get locked in on them.

It should be a great series. We know they have a very good team. I look forward to hopefully sharing with you what the next week will be like for us.



    just wanted to remind the d-back fans that the CUBS are coming to town and plan on spoiling the fun, so be ready!!!


    Hey Tony,
    it’s good to have you back. We’ve missed you while you were away, but it was great to see you getting some playing time. Have fun with your family and I’ll see you Tuesday. Look for me up in the nosebleed seats, I’ll be there, loud and proud. Go Snakes.



    Tony – you are truly an inspiration to all the fans who have followed and rooted for the Diamondbacks this season. I never lost faith because of guys like you. Best wishes to a successful series agains the Cubs (who will easily be beat by the D-Backs). Thanks for being such a class act. Phil 4:13.


    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!to you and all the Dbacks on a spectacular season. I want to thank you for being you it is a joy to watch you play and being from NYC and now an Arizona transplant I remember your times with the Yanks too. I wish for all of you every good thing in the post season and know that I’ll be watching and rooting–will be there for game 1 at chase field and hopefully several others. All the best!!!!!


    Tony – you are a class act and my favorite player on the team. Others may get votes for MVP, but you are mine. Anybody, Anytime. What a great slogan and what a great way to make everyone know this is a TEAM sport. Good luck in the playoffs. I’ll be there cheering hard for all of you.


    Hey TC!

    Along with the other commenters, I have to throw my .02 in. Don’t go getting a big head or anything when you read this for the umpteenth time :)….you ROCK! I so enjoy your big bro attitude helping out the young’ins on the team (although you’re not ‘old). You carry yourself as a wise leader role mentoring the less experienced and that’s a good thing.

    I’ll rub my lucky tatt of the former logo and colors for the boyz this week and the weeks to come….I call ya’ll my boyz. As an AZ Native and avid season ticket holder since day one, I consider ya’ll my boyz, have pre and post game rituals and generally an obnoxious, territorial, LOYAL fan. I don’t care for the new colors so I got a tatt on left calf of former colors to prove my loyalty to old school and original team….anybody, anytime…. can ask me and I shall tell them about MY BOYZ..the AZ DBACKS.

    I love my Diamondbacks!!

    Your fan Laura (sit in same sect as team wives/family).

    Kiss Baxter for me.


    Hello Tony,
    We wish you the best and we are all so proud of U & the team. You are a huge role model to the League, As well as a phenomenal Person, God has Blessed you and we are very blessed to know you.

    Congratulations Tony !!!!!!!!!

    The Antojos Family will be CHEERING 4 U.



    First of all, Tony, thanks for always being a class act! Glad to have a person on the team of whom we can be so proud.

    I hope you have a month’s worth of writing in you – Let’s go get another RING!

    To the rest of you fans here in Arizona – remember where you live NOW – root for your HOME team NOW!

    GO DIAMONDBACKS!!!!!!!!!!



    Thanks so much for always playing with your all and acting as such as uniting force on a team full of young talent and charisma. And thanks for taking the time to write in a blog, because it gives long-distance fans like myself a better feel for what’s going on in the desert. I moved to NYC last year, so you guys’ll just have to end up playing the Yankees in The Series again so I can wear my jersey and cap and get stuff thrown at me on the subways when you win it all. 😉

    God bless and best of luck,



    Tony, Thanks for being such a great example for players of all ages. The selfless play of all the players on the team lead by your example could get you to the world series. Go DBacks!!!


    Tony, you’re a great guy and always have been. Now go get ’em! I have my whole family in Minnesota pulling for the DBacks this October. Play hard and have fun.


    First congratulations on making the playoffs!! I have been lucky enough to have season tickets since 2002; and even luckier to have been able to see all 4 home games during the 01 World Series

    No WS will ever match that, but that wont stop me from hoping we can get back there and win it!

    So good luck and go Dbacks!


    PS: Once the Dbacks run is over (hopefully late october), do you plan on helping coach NWC this season?

    If so, I will see you when my team plays you. I have talked to you a few times the past year after games. However, surely you dont remember me.

    Well good luck!


    Hi Tony,
    Welcome Home! What a great season, you and the team truly have been blessed! Looking forward to more! Thanks for the blog it is great. See you at school!

    Love the Valdois

    PS I too wear the good ole colors!

  14. Jeremy

    Hey there

    just wanted to echo all the positives, arizona games generally start at 3am for me and this has been a season worth all those zombified days at work and long drawn out arguments with friends down the pub trying to explain why the dbacks are worth the sleep deprivation! I can’t tell you how overjoyed my girlfriend isn’t that there’s a months worth more!

    This is the best TEAM in baseball, good luck!




    Wanted to add my congratulations on what has been a great season. For my wife and I, now living in the Phoenix area, we are especially looking forward to seeing the D-backs in the post season because we started being Tony Clark fans when we lived in Trenton and you were with the Thunder so many years ago it seems. Anyway, all the best to you and the team in the playoffs. Go D-Backs!!!


    I’m with the rest of the wonderful fans that left these comments. Congrats!! I was ecstatic when you guys got to the playoffs (honestly, I was sweating it out for awhile!) and then won the NL West. All of you guys rock! You’re such a bunch of class acts. I lived in Flagstaff for many years and moves to Phoenix a few years ago. I finally was able to get partial season tickets this year, and it has been so worth it! Now my lead at work and I are going to be at odds with each other all week…

    Kudos to the best team in the National League! Now it’s time to rock and roll in the playoffs!



    P.S. It’s kind of nice when people aren’t talking about you…makes it easier to surprise them!


    Hey Tony,i really enjoy whatching you play.I like your presence on the team,it makes you seem to me to be the wise one.i like the way you handle yourself in public and on interviews.I would like to send a comment to the big unit as well,does he have a blog or a fan email.

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