Finally time to get going

I haven’t slept very well the last couple of nights as I’ve been battling a cold, but I can tell you when the lights come on tonight that I will feel good and ready to go. It certainly won’t affect on me on the field.

LineupsSpeaking of which, it’s going to be nice to get back to playing tonight. In the four days since we eliminated the Cubs, we’ve had simulated games and we’ve tried to face live pitching as much as we can, but it’s very difficult to replicate a game-like situation until you get back on the field.

It’s going to be nice from now on to talk about games rather than how we match up with the Rockies and whether the layoff will help them or cool them off. It’s hard to answer the hypothetical questions that get put to you about how a team will react to something that hasn’t happened. If you get caught up too much in that stuff, it really can distract you from the task at hand. So we’re excited to get back to what we enjoy most and that is simply playing the game.

It seems like the fact that we are one of only four teams left and playing on a bigger stage hasn’t affected the guys. Pregame, everything was the same. Looking around the clubhouse before the game, the guys seemed relaxed and confident. I think we’re ready to go.

We were happy to hear that there would be a sellout crowd tonight and we are excited to get out there in front of them.

Posted courtesy of during the game.

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    TC….your leadership throughout the year has been invaluable….thank you for your everyday work ethic…and even if game one was decided by 3 bloopers and a foul ball single down the third base line… they say…thats baseball !!

    One question….why do I not see the dback players taking bunting practice….and more particularly the pitching staff….its a huge weakness on our club…..Jeff Cirillo’s bunt tonight was an example of how effective bunting can be…..but its been way too ineffective all year. Why doesn’t Shue..have the pitchers taking bunting practice EVERY DAY..

    Good luck in Game #2

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