A big challenge ahead of us

In the first round, when we swept the Cubs, we couldn’t have written the script any better. The second round has been just the opposite for us.

Tonyblog_1The great part about this game is that good, bad or indifferent, the game always gives you an opportunity to learn something from it. Looking forward to this series, we were obviously excited about the opportunity and we were looking forward to getting it started on a good foot.

That didn’t happen and now we
‘ve got a big challenge ahead of us. It’s a BIG challenge, but it’s not insurmountable. We are working towards making the physical adjustments and or any mental adjustments coming into Game 3 to try and give ourselves the best possible chance to put one in the win column.

That’s all we’re focused in on right now. Getting caught up in the percentage of teams that have come back or not come back or the way the ball hasn’t found a hole for us, but has for them, gets you caught up in thinking about things you can’t control.

The way you deal with that is to lock back in. You lock back in on your preparation, your game planning, your physical work all the while focused on the task at hand.

Anytime we’re faced with a challenge I’m always excited to see how our group of guys comes through on the other side. We’ve done it all year and I look forward to us doing the same in Game 3.


  1. meech20@hotmail.com

    TC! Best of luck the rest of the playoffs. You know your old VHS crew is always rooting for you! All the best to you and your family.
    ? Meehan

  2. jemille144@hotmail.com

    Tony, You offer so much to the team and I really want your faith and loyalty to be rewarded. This team is the future. I want the future to be now!

  3. azeyes223@hotmail.com

    TC, You ROCK! You are an amazing player and such an inspiration to our “Young Bucks” (and more mature men) of the Diamondbacks. Your dedication and faith is unsurpassed, we salute you, and appreciate your love “of the game”
    We watch and wait, and pray for safety and victory.


  4. onirammatt@yahoo.com

    TC, Keep up the hard work and preparation. Make your colleagues prepare as best as they can. Keep your heads up and know that you all have met and exceeded all our expectations.

    Also, remember, the Rockies have to lose sometime. The law of averages are diminishing with each inning they play. Tonight, we will be victorious. We will all be waiting for the glorious return of our Sedona red Diamondbacks.

    God bless you and your family.

  5. misterg407@yahoo.com

    El Cajon loves TC. Win or lose in this series (it’s not lookin’ good right now), you’re a tremendous inspiration to many East County baseball players. Keep up the great work!

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