Big day for D-backs

Clark_1 Today is a big day, no question about it, but I tried to stick to my normal schedule as much as possible.

So I did what I usually do before a home night game. I got up, got my son ready to go to school and then grabbed a bite to eat before dropping him off.

I got here very early today and went through video again on the Cubs and got in a workout and some early hitting in the cage. I still prepared like it was a 6:40 p.m. game instead of 7:05 so I had a little extra time in there, but you want to keep everything as normal as possible and as regimented as you do during the regular season. Because while this is a big game and we’re only one of eight teams playing and the circumstances are a little different, it’s your routine that keeps you comfortable. Your routine is what makes you feel like you are as prepared as possible to play.

I think our young players are ready to go. I haven’t noticed anything different from them. The guys are still bouncing around and running around as a young group of guys usually does. I know they are looking forward to getting out on the field and finally playing.

One comment


    you knocked a ball into Friday’s during batting practice. I made a lame atempt at barehanding it, but I booted it. The palm of my right hand is still sore. I’ll do better next time.


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