Getting off on the right foot

Tonight was a big night for us. You do all that you can to keep the game in perspective. But you know that being at home, you want to get off on the right foot, and you know they’ve got their best guy going and we’ve got our best, so you know runs are going to be at a minimum. Therefore, it’s hard to keep everything relaxed when your insides want to jump out of you and you’re so excited about the opportunity that you have.
I did the best I could to keep it in perspective, and the night was a lot of fun. I was glad we came out and did what we always do — and that’s get key hits from different guys at key times. Webby threw the ball well tonight obviously and that was big for him to step up like that for us.

He went out there in Colorado last week and threw a game that we needed to win, and he came out tonight and threw a game that we needed to win. That’s what a No. 1 does, and that’s what we’ve come to expect from him. That’s why he’s got a Cy Young sitting on his mantle at home.

You can’t forget the guys that drove in the runs, played good defense and the guys that followed him to the mound that finished it up.

I also want to say something about our crowd. It was amazing tonight. It was outstanding to look out and see a sea of red and get the support that we did here tonight. It’s a whole lot of fun to see everybody rally around this team. It means a lot to us.

As soon as I take a shower here, I’ll start thinking about tomorrow.



    We all know that the “great” Doug Davis will not experience the same fate Webb did. It’s also pretty sad that the D-Back fans have to be told how to cheer when the sea of Cub fans make noise in your stadium. That’s what they said on the tbs broadcast last night.

    Be ready to come back to Wrigley Field tied at a game a piece!!!


    Uh oh… looks like the Cubs fans found your blog, Tony. Oh well, if I was a Cubs fan I’d be sore right now too. And I know that if everything was reversed and the Cubbies had taken Game 1, I’d be spitting fire at Cubs fans saying we’d take Game 2. Keep those young’ns in check and swing sweet! As tough as it is to say, I hope I don’t see you guys in AZ again for a little while, if you catch my drift! Good luck and keep it up!


    No kidding … if I was a fan of a team with a bunch of superstars who everyone in the country had picked to win this series in a cake walk … and two 24 year old kids hit jacks to start me down the familiar path to postseason disappointment … I’d be upset too.

    Thanks for playing the game the way it should be Tony I can’t wait to see how we do tonight!


    A cake walk? Where are you hearing this from. We never said this would be a cake walk, in fact i’m a cubs fan and I said in my bracket that the cubs would win the series in 5 games, so that doesn’t sound like a cake walk.

    Also if you think the Cubs players and manager thought this would be a cake walk, you need to stop watching baseball, because you’re embarrassing it.


    As a long-distance D-Backs fan, I rely a lot on the internet to learn what people are saying about the games. I’ve checked dozens of articles and seen a lot of “expert” predictions, and probably 70-80% of them favored the Cubs in 4 or 5. I don’t think any of them were based on any “cake walk,” but rather that no one had any clue what to expect from the D-Backs in the playoffs because they have no history to go off of. We’re talking two tough teams separated by 5 wins, with very different strengths and weaknesses. After Game 1 it’s clear these teams both want this badly, and that there shall be no cake walking allowed. =)

  6. Kellia


    Good game last night! One down, two to go. I’ll bet that Mark Reynolds is relieved to have hit that homer after throwing the ball 10 feet over your head.

    BTW, you was robbed your first at-bat last night. Strike 2 was ball 4.

    Good luck tonight.



    Good game last night Tony. Keep that momentum going in the club house. All you cub fans posting here, GET OFF OUR FORUM, GET OUT OF OUR STADIUM, AND GET OUT OF MY STATE.

    There’s only one home team in AZ, and they wear Sedona Red.


    Great game last night! Where o where was that cub nation at? After all the bragging about how the cub fans will turn our stadium into another rigley field even.. Great showing by the team and by the fans! Loved being there and am looking forward to another win tonight.


    First I would like to start off by saying ?GO DIAMONDBACKS!? we deserve all this.
    Every minute of it! I love you guys for playing your hearts out for your loyal fans, and believe me we are loyal. I?ve been a fan since 1999. And will continue no matter how the season ends. Wahoo

    Second I would like to shake my head at those cubby fans. POOR fans.

    Did anyone see the guy behind home plate in the 9th inning with 2 outs trying to distract Jose Valverde with a HUGE light?? How inappropriate for a baseball game, this tells me there is a reason for their curse?it?s the fans.

    When the ump stopped the game and pointed @ that guy, I though?.OoOOoOoo that guy is getting himself into something? you just don?t do that kind of stuff in another team?s home. Do it @ your own place? we have NO room for those guys here. We appreciate baseball & everything that comes with it.

    To all who read, thank you.

    For those cubby?s?.poor fans.

    To Our Dbacks?. WE Back OUR DBACKS!

    Anybody?.anytime? Mr. Clark couldn?t have said it better.



    thanks again for playing for us all. Anybody, any time? I hope that it’s your turn to be the hero tonight. I’ll be working at the ballpark, but I hope to see you play.


  11. Matt

    Super atmosphere last night – the vast majority of fans on both sides were great – enthusiastic without that boorish east coast edge. Guys, dont be so thin-skinned about one dysfunctional commenter. Relax. Ignore. Enjoy.

    Tony, I dont know if you heard it, but we had a pretty good “Anybody-Anytime” chant going on in the LF bleachers.

    You’ll never get me in Sedona Red, but I hope you’ll accept my cheers and support anyway. Love the way you’re waiting, trying to go to left field.

    Best of luck down the stretch!

  12. *******

    Welcome Arizona fans, how was your trip coming out of the woodwork?? I am not saying there are no true fans, cause I know there are, but I have a feeling if a poll was taken only 25% of the Arizona “fans” would be able to give any information on the regular season, or even name anyone on the team for that matter. To those true fans (the very few of you that exist) I am excited for a good series against your team, I know it will continue to be interesting. To the rest of you, good luck keeping up the charade of being a fan, no matter how the series ends up you should take a cue from a real city with real committed fans, good or bad.


    If being a “true fan” means that I’m supposed to attack another fan because my team lost then I’d rather not be a “true fan” I’d like to be someone who enjoys the game of baseball and likes to root for my team.

  14. *******

    Ahh sasha-volk, thank you for backing up my point exactly. I was at an Diamondback Red Sox series in your park earlier in the year (The Red Sox are another team in baseball, I figure I should spell things out for you). I watched several Diamondback “fans” push a young guy who had a Red Sox shirt down the stairs and start punching and kicking him. He hadn’t even said anything. So my money is on the fact that one of the people who went out and bought a Diamondback shirt after they got into the playoffs had a few too many. People from Chicago have pride and don’t like to be pushed around. I wonder if your “fan” even knew what he was fighting about? I would say see you at Wrigley, but I know noone is going to travel there, that would actually take commitment and dedication as fans. You, clearly don’t understand what that is. Have fun enjoying the game of baseball (PS there are plenty of website that will explain what is going on for you, and no, it’s not a touchdown)


    At Wrigley, I saw Cub fans chop up a deaf mute into little bits and cook him in stew. All for wearing a Cardinals shirt.

    I never cared for Cubs fans much after that.



    I am going to ask you not to insult my intelligence as it is not relevant to our discussion. As to your sighting of a few people at the Snakes game, what can I say but that they are a few bad eggs. And to your point about the number of Cubs’ fans at the game I just have to say that I would put down money that the majority of the Cub fans are just people who are original Windy Cityites but who moved to my fine desert. Now I would love to continue our argument but I don’t think their will be any reason to talk to you after tomorrow (That means the Cubs will be eliminated tomorrow, I figured I should spell things out for you).

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