Maintaining focus

I took my time getting out of here last night. I stayed and just enjoyed the fact that we had won Game 1. Once I got home, I was done. I tried to do a little packing for the road trip, but my eyes were burning and I finally had to tell my wife that I had to go to sleep. All my energy was spent and I knew I needed rest before I came back out there and doing this again today.

All of my kids are off from school today, tomorrow and Monday, so I got a chance to spend some time with them and got a bite to eat together this morning. I got up a little earlier today, but otherwise stayed with my routine.
It was nice to get the win in Game 1, but your focus in Game 2 has to be the same. In the playoffs, it’s all about who can focus the most and take the extracurricular activities and push them aside. At this point in time in the year, whoever focuses the best is the one that’s going to put themselves in position to win.

I think the guys came out today ready to play. We continue to remain focused for 27 outs. Not two innings, not four innings, so we knew when they got out to a 2-0 lead, there was still a lot of baseball left to be played, and in the dugout we talked about just focusing on putting together solid at-bats and take it from there.

And that’s what we did. We settled in and got a big two-out knock by Chris Young and then another two knocks by Stephen Drew and Eric Byrnes, so the guys did an outstanding job tonight.

We’ve had our success this year with pitching, defense and timely hitting. These first two games we’ve done exactly that. Tonight we knew we were going to have our hands full with Ted Lilly, so we didn’t try to do too much. We just tried to keep the pressure on him and put together solid at-bats.

I know that we’re up 2-0, but there’s still a lot of work to do. We start back up on Saturday and we need to try to come out that day and try to win a ballgame regardless of whether we’re up 2-0 or not.

What impresses me is their ability day in and day out to grind for 27 outs. It’s fun to watch. It’s exciting because their professionalism has been rewarded thus far.

We’re going to be up all night tonight flying, so tomorrow will be a rest day, and we’ll try to make the two-hour adjustment as quickly as possible. It’s best to get out tonight and get there as quickly as you can and go from there.

Talk to you from Chicago on Saturday.




    Congrats to you and the rest of the D-Backs for showing all those “experts” and baseball fans everywhere that a team wins games as a team, with strong fundamentals and a transparent love for the game of baseball. I stayed up until 2 AM last night watching Game 2, and it was worth it!

    Time to bust out the broom…. =)


    It’s pretty plain and simple. Your team is getting key offense at key times. My team is not. Ramirez doesn’t have a hit. Soriano has been horrible and Lee hasn’t been any better.

    As a pissed off Cubs fan, I get sick and tired of expansion teams being successful. The Marlins have 2 WS titles. You guys had a WS title 3 years into your existence. The Rockies are on the verge of a NLCS berth. It’s been 99 frickin years and if things don’t change, it’ll be a G.D. century without a WS title. 100 years…100 frickin years!!!

    Don’t be surprised from the comments Cubs fans post because you can see where it stems from. You will NEVER understand the feelings and emotions us Cubs fans have because D-Back fans have already been spoiled.

    At this point, they better not get swept. I’ll be watching and pulling for them on Saturday. I know Wrigley Field will be rockin’ and they won’t need a scoreboard to tell them to rock. I’m tired of Valverde by the way. He’s good but quit acting like an *** when you close a game!


    Dear Tony, I want you to know that my husband and I are rooting for you and praying for you. My husband’s mother was a Goering and your mother was either her cousin or her cousin’s child. My husband, Jerry will know that better. Our two girls are Jacinda, age 12 and Jasmina, age 7, so we like to hear about your family in your blog also. Jerry loves genealogy, so he knows all of the family relationships and history. He loves telling people that you are his cousin. He teaches high school in a small Mennonite private school–everything from physics to music! He has not written to you, and We have no cable TV, but he watches you on the internet or checks the newspaper every day!! God bless you and keep you. Judi S.


    Great job again last night Tony. Lets keep that momentum going!!!

    lv_haag, i agree with you, i feel for you and your team. i really do. and i really do hope you guys get your win someday. Just not at the expense of my D-Backs.

    Go D-Backs


    Very nice first couple of games. I’m very proud to be a Diamondback fan. I keep telling my friends that if you watch just one game of these guys play you’ll be a fan. Thank you for your great leadership, and I look forward to your game in Chicago! Go D-Backs!


    Dear Tony, i am abig fan of D’Backs from Napoli Italy!!!
    I love our team our attitude to stay together in the good and in the bad! I really believe we are the best team in the National League coming from the best division at all.

    Cubs are worse than all of the other team of NL West, and i think it is a must to beat them!

    TY to u and all the team and send them all my appreciation from here in the night of Napoli (9 hours time difference) !!!

    Come on D’Backs!!


    That’s the perfect word — you guys are playing ‘focused ball’.

    As a Tucsonan I spend most of my summer at Sidewinders games and I remember seeing the team (it seems like most all of you guys have been through in the last couple years — except Reynolds) come through and show the same stuff in AAA that you guys have been doing in the majors and these playoff games have been no exception. Just solid fundamentals — as a fan, I have huge respect for that.

    I was lucky enough to make the game last night and after Young went yard and Lilly threw down his glove — and he was only down 1 run and was almost through the 2nd inning — I mentioned to some Cubs fans that the wheels were already starting to come off. I think I was correct. And I think the way you guys tend to shake off mistakes and always play looking ahead really says a lot about the maturity of a young team.

    So best of luck in Chicago. I have no advice — just keep on doing what you are doing. And tell Chip I said hi. We miss him down here.


    Thanks to you, the rest of the team, and BoMel! Our family has enjoyed this season immensely. We cheer you on from home and occasionally from 3rd baseline seats. Also a big thank you for standing firm in your faith and living out Phil 4:13. One more thing for tonight’s game…. Isaiah 40:31!!!

    Go Dimaondbacks!!!! Beat DA Cubs!

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