Ready to get going

I spent a lot of time today answering questions from the media. With each round of the playoffs, we get more and more people following the team. Sometimes it feels like you’re answering the same questions over and over again, but that comes with the territory and I don?t mind it as long as I’m able to still get my work done.

Withmelvin_1 As with all the other things that come with being in the playoffs, this time of the year you realize that you’re fortunate to be one of only four teams playing. Anyone who is a baseball aficionado is going to want to ask questions and is going to want to be around.

Some of the main questions I’ve been getting are, "Do you feel slighted? Are you concerned about not getting the national attention that a lot of teams have been giving?"

They are questions that if I was a prideful man they might be more disconcerting. But they’re not. Perhaps it’s hard for some of them to understand that our commitment to each other is way more important to us than a commitment to try and please somebody else, especially people who have not been around the ballclub all year and are making determinations based on what a stat sheet says. When you just look at the numbers, you don’t get an appreciation for the character of this group and the way we go about our business.

All that being said, I’m just glad that I still have to answer the questions. I’m glad to do it because it means we’re still working and still performing. I’m hopeful that we have one more round to deal with.

It will be nice to get going tomorrow night. It’s one of those things where the layoff can be a reward or a detriment. It’s given the guys here at home a chance to kind of settle in and work toward the upcoming series that starts tomorrow.

I’m just excited about the possibilities. You always wish you had a crystal ball and knew ahead of time how things were going to turn out, but the one thing that makes this game so great is that regardless of what the experts pick, until you get between the lines and play, nobody knows what is going to happen.

I’m looking forward to it and glad to be opening up the series here at home. Hopefully, I’ll have a victory to write about tomorrow.



    That is why this team is so great, because they don’t care and they don’t listen what the expert says. I may not be an expert but I know one thing for sure you guys will give one heck of a fight to the Rockie. Also I know I will be cheering the team on.

    Have a great game, and best of luck to the whole team.

    Karen in Tucson


    Great attitude! Best of luck tomorrow and keep inspiring the team as you have done all year. My support from Hawaii is with the team and you…wish I could be there!

    Janis Nelson


    Good luck in this series. I always appreciated the way you went about your work while you were with Detroit. I have followed your career since you first came up. If the young guys follow your example, I expect the DBacks to be world champs. All the best to you and the rest of the team.


    I just wanted to comment on how great it is to have you leading the Diamondbacks and Kurt Warner leading the Cardinals. Two strong Christian men leading the charge, and what is great, is that so many members of the media don’t understand how things are working out so well for both teams. This just makes me smile, because I know that without the two of you leading both clubs, it never would work.

    Also, I am beyond excited to get going tonight. I have been a fan since day one, and this team has been so exciting to watch all year. Keep up the good work, and my prayers are with you tonight.


    Thanks for screwing up in 2004 against the Red Sox. I hope you can play as bad in this series as you did back then. The only reason why the D-Backs are in the NLCS is because the NL West is very weak, and this team shows no heart. GO ROCKIES!



    I’ve been a Dbacks fan since the inception and a TC fan for a long time. I enjoy reading your blog and hope that all the hard works and little luck will carry you to the World Series.


    I will be rooting for the Diamondbacks from my home in Southern Cal. So good to see you in the playoffs, and conrats on playing with so much heart all season long.


    Five days without D’Backs baseball seemed like an eternity. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s game, good luck to you and the whole team.



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